Vancouver City proposes banning vape ads & other restrictions to curb youth vaping.

Vancouver City proposes motion to ban vape ads & minimum distances between vape shops and schools.

Lisa Dominato has put forward a motion to limit the sale and promotion of vape equipment within Vancouver city.

There is currently no restrictions on sales of vaping products and she is looking to change that.

Counselor Rebecca Bligh wants restrictions that would limit how close vaping shops can be to schools as well as youth oriented facilities. She is also looking to ban any advertisements on city-owned properties.

The health Minister of British Columbia issued a statement on October 29 that British Columbia is planning regulatory action that would involve education, youth empowerment, and governmental pressure regarding the use of vaping in British Columbia.

If this motion passes, Dominato is looking to have a framework available for early 2020

Dominato stated “It feels like we are a little bit in catch-up mode” when discussing this motion.

From our perspective at Canada Vapes, we appreciate the effort being made by any municipalities working to restrict access to vaping products for youth. We believe it’s equally important to ensure all retail locations of vaping products in British Columbia, as well as across Canada, are being regulated to ensure they are not selling the products to minors. Vaping nicotine e-liquid is a product and service designed for adult smokers looking to transition to a safer alternative.

Thanks to CBC for content for this article.

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