Top 5 Most Common Vape Issues and how to fix them

Top 5 Most Common Vape Issues (and how to fix them)

Over the past 10 years that vaping has been increasingly popularized, we know the amount of questions that come up. How do I choose a coil? Why won’t my device work? All of these concerns are reasonable concerns to have! Starting up can seem intimidating, and handling any electronic device isn’t easy. We’ve gathered the top 5 most common questions/problems that vapers have and given you the troubleshooting tips you’ve been looking for. With our solutions and advice, you’ll be a pro vaper in no time; and you’ll feel confident in quitting those smelly cigarettes and sticking to vaping!

1) My Device Won’t Draw!

If you find yourself wondering why you can’t hit your device, or why you can’t get a puff from it, try these steps:

Make sure your device is turned on
It may seem like common sense, but not realizing your device is turned off is a very common problem! If your device has a button, press it 5 times fast, or 3 for some devices. This will turn the device on and have you vaping in no time! If your device doesn’t have a button, this is probably not the solution for you. Continue reading to see more solutions.

Charge your device fully
Another solution that may seem like common sense, but a lot of the time we don’t realize that our devices aren’t fully charged and ready to use. It happens to everyone! Make sure your device indicates that it is at an optimal charge, whether that be your screen showing full battery or the light being green. Additionally, you may want to try a different charger if you believe your device may not be charging properly.

Clean your device
Sometimes e-liquid, dirt or debris can build up in the nooks and crannies of your device and prevent it from working properly. Take a cotton swab or tissue and wipe out the ports, coil, prongs and crevices of the device. You can also use isopropyl alcohol for a deeper clean. Make sure it is clean and dry before putting your pod/tank back. It seems like a tedious action to take for fixing a device that isn’t drawing, but this trick fixes the issue 9/10 times!

Change your pod/coil
A device not drawing properly or not drawing at all can be a tell-tale sign that it’s time to switch out your pod or coil. The cotton inside pods/coils are only built to last a few weeks. When the cotton starts to deteriorate, your device won’t be performing the same, and you may even notice a burnt taste. Pop in a brand new pod/coil, and you should be good to go!

2) My Device is Leaking/Spitting!

Leaking and spitting can happen with just about any device. It is one of the most common issues vapers have. There are a few ways to avoid leaking/spitting and prevent it from happening further.

Make sure everything is tightly attached
Ensuring all parts of your device are put together securely is crucial for a leak-free device. Take off your tank and unscrew every part and re-screw it back on to be 100% sure everything is secured. This includes your coil and all tank parts.

Your device has been dormant for too long
If you’re not a frequent vaper and you leave your device sitting on a shelf for long periods of time, going back to it may cause annoying and inconvenient leaking. Try to make sure your pod/coil is completely empty before putting it away. Otherwise, e-liquid thins out over time and causes that irritating mess we all hate!

You’re “chain-vaping”
“Chain vaping” means to hit your device many quick times in a row. Doing this can cause the liquid to eventually thin out and leak or spit, and it is also very bad for your coil. We don’t recommend doing this, and instead waiting at least 5-10 seconds between each hit.

Don’t overfill!
Although it seems like your pod/tank should be filled right to the top, this is actually not the case. Overfilling can cause e-liquid to spit at you, as well as create an unpleasant gurgling sound. If you notice this is happening, you may be overfilling! We recommend filling your pod/tank ¾ of the way full, or until the max fill line is reached (applicable to some pods).

Your device is too hot
Whether you just took it off the charger or you’ve been in the sun all day, it is inevitable that your vape will at one point get hot. It’s nothing to be concerned about, except for when you’re using it while it’s too hot. Heat can cause e-liquid to thin out and leak or spit at you. We recommend waiting until your device cools down before using it again, otherwise you’ll have a mouthful of e-liquid!

3) Coils, coils coils!

Coils, also known as atomizers, are the small, cotton-lined pieces that insert into your tank to produce vapor. Coils are a crucial part of vaping, and act as a filter for your e-liquid. Although they can seem complicated and confusing, we’ve broken it down for you here.

How Do I Change My Coil?
The coil changing method is pretty unanimous throughout all tanks. It may seem intimidating, but it’s pretty easy once you get the hang of it! Most coils just pop right out of the tank when you pull on them. Sometimes there is a latch you need to move that acts as a lock for the coil. If you’re having trouble getting your coil out, try using pliers. This is especially common with brand new devices when it’s your first or second time changing out the coil. It is rare that a tank is actually defective where the coil is stuck in there, but if you find that may be the case, be sure to contact the shop you purchased from!

How do I know when to change my coil?
Your coil should be changed when the taste is muted or burnt. Typically, most can tell when a coil needs to be changed as the taste is not very good! Yuck! We recommend changing your coil every 2-4 weeks in general and also to prevent burning from happening.

Mesh Vs. Regular coils
Essentially, mesh coils provide a smoother hit with a stronger flavour production across multiple vaping devices. They work faster than regular coils, giving you more taste and vapor. If you’re not too picky about coils, you can definitely stick with regular coils. If you’re after that ultra-smooth type of hit, mesh coils are your best friend.

4) How should I choose my ohm level?

We’re going back to 10th grade science class! “Ohms” are the unit of resistance for coils. Choosing an ohm level can help you determine what kind of draw you’re going to get from your vape. To put it in simple terms, the higher an ohm level (think 1.2, 1.8, 2.1), the tighter the draw and the less cloud you get. The lower an ohm level (think 0.25, 0.5, 0.8), the airier the draw with more cloud production. Lower ohm levels are typically used for sub-ohm devices, or for direct lung (DL) hits. Higher ohm levels are typically used for pod systems, or for mouth to lung (MTL) hits. At the end of the day, ohm levels are based on preference. However, if you’re not sure what ohm to go with, this information can help!

5) How should I choose my nicotine strengths?

Choosing a nicotine strength as a beginner vaper can be an intimidating task. You don’t want to risk choosing too low or too high and it being too strong or not strong enough. A lot of people think you choose your nicotine strength based on how many cigarettes you smoke–this is actually not the case. Just because you smoke a pack a day, doesn’t mean you should buy e-liquid with the highest nicotine level. To be completely honest, it will likely take some trial and error, but we always recommend starting at a medium level, like 6mg or 9mg. This will give you an idea of if you should go lower or higher.

Nic Salts
Nic salts are a type of e-liquid that provides a high nicotine content but with a smoother hit. This type of liquid is made by adding benzoic acid to regular freebase liquid. Nic salts are great for those who need a higher nicotine level but prefer a smoother, less harsh type of hit. Nic salts are highly recommended for pod systems or devices with a lower wattage. Do not use nic salts in sub-ohm devices as it could make you sick.

And just like that, all your questions have been answered! We hope this article was helpful and informative and assisted you with your vape issues. If you have any more questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone, e-mail or LiveChat.

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