Should we ban ground beef? Pet turtles? Don’t ban vaping – Salmonella is killing Americans!

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Over the past 3 months, the conversation surrounding banning vaping has become an absurdity.  With several States outright banning all vaping devices, regardless of whether being used as a smoking cessation device, or bought off the street from your second cousins best friend’s step brother, Earl, who makes the best home made THC pods in 6 States.  Let’s just ban it all, the heads of governments yell out.

Who cares that smoking cigarettes is the #1 preventable killer of Americans.  Who cares that 8,000,000 (EIGHT MILLION) people die from smoking around the world each year. (SOURCE)  Who cares that vaping has been studied extensively to find it 95%+ safer then smoking? (SOURCE)  There is fear, there is panic, so let’s drop the hammer and ban it.

Salmonella, by comparison kills an estimated 420 Americans every single year.  That is 1.2 Americans every day, dead from eating ground beef, or playing with their pet turtle Shelly and not washing their hands.  Salmonella causes 1.35 million illnesses, and causes over 26,000 people each year to be hospitalized. (SOURCE)  Where is the outcry – the rage – the intensity on the parts of our government to ban ground beef?   Hell, maybe its in the chicken?  Let’s ban all meat being sold anywhere of any kind!

THC infused vaping pods has been found to be the primary culprit of this Vaping Related Illness, and the CDC has actually finally come out and claimed Vitamin E Acetate as the major contributor to the vaping related illnesses across the US. (SOURCE)  Do vape e-liquids with nicotine contain Vitamin E Acetate?  Absolute not!  Here is a list of the ingredients of our e-liquids at Canada Vapes.    There are four ingredients only.  There is no reason for nicotine e-liquids to contain this product.  If they did, this situation would have arisen over 10 years ago when vaping started getting popular.  Some unregulated THC vape pod manufacturers have been using it in their products recently as a thickening or thinning agent. (SOURCE)

Why only in the US, and not in the EU, or in Canada, you may ask.   Marijuana is LEGAL in  Canada, and therefore regulated.  When you make something illegal (or banned) and people want to use it (like marijuana) and need to use it for health reasons,  they will find a way.  There will be distributors, manufacturers, and salespeople for these products.  The products just won’t be nearly as safe as when they are being produced by professional manufacturers following strict governmental guidelines, as in Canada.

Health Canada has already come out and stated that marijuana pods and vape pens sold in Canada do not contain Vitamin E Acetate, never have and never will. (SOURCE)  Oh Canada – thank you for legalizing marijuana and making it safe for your citizens.

At the end of the day – nothing is completely safe.  Using a riding lawn mower has risks of death – 70 deaths per year (SOURCE).  Driving a vehicle is one of the most dangerous things you can do – causing over 1.25 million people to die each year in America.  That’s 3,200+ deaths a day. (SOURCE)  And yes – even vaping nicotine products has risk.  That risk needs to be compared with the risks of smoking cigarettes.  In my head, its a no-brainer:  if you are smoking cigarettes and cannot quit, vaping is for you.

Even if you are a non-smoker and non-vaper, the fact that the US government is so quick to shout out “Ban!” whenever something happens that brings them fear, is a dangerous environment to live in.  One day your government may ban or make illegal something you want or need, so take concern about this situation.

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NOTE:  This article is subjective it writing.  Not to be taken tooooo seriously.

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