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Richmond British Columbia bands promotional advertisements for vaping on city property

City Council voted unanimously against advertisements for vaping products on any city property throughout Richmond British Columbia.

Clay Adams, who is the spokesperson for the city of Richmond, states “vaping is a significant health issue. All the evidence suggests that, and this is the at least one thing that we can do. We hope others will follow suit and do similar.”

I disagree with this concept that promoting any adult recreational activities or harm reducing activities should be banned across Canada. If this is going to the stance of our government, we should be banning all alcohol and gambling related advertisements in any public places. These activities both have the potential to do great harm to the youth in our Country.

What I’d rather see, is to require any vaping advertisements to come with it additional risks and information similar to the responsible gambling rules required for promotion of gambling. To my understanding, there are no required warnings on alcohol advertisements in Canada.

Almost everything we do carries with it a degree of risk. Unless we want to see Canada become either a nanny state, or worse some sort of socialist – communist society, there needs to be some sort of free market capabilities and grace for various products and services that are for adults.

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