Nova Scotia proposes province wide e-cigarette legislation

Nova Scotia Proposes province wide e-cigarette legislation

The new proposed legislation will proses aggressive restrictions against electronic cigarettes province-wide.  These potential relations would include:

  • Restrictions of selling e-cigarettes to those 19+
  • No displaying e-cigarettes on stores
  • No advertising e-cigarettes
  • Ban the use of e-cigarettes indoors
  • Ban any ‘flavorings’ added to e-liquid, except menthol

Health Minister Leo Glavine stated that the government wants to change the definition of smoke to include water pipes and vapour from e-cigarettes.  He stated that steps are needed to address emerging evidence that e-cigarettes pose a health risk, especially to young people.  What this evidence is was not clearly defined.   There are at least 200 studies showing e-cigarettes as successful harm reduction products.

Those opposed, including imperial tobacco state that the province of Nova Scotia is making a ‘big mistake’ by regulating e-cigarettes lumped together with tobacco cigarettes.

Want to do something about this?

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We need e-cigarette users from Across Canada to ban together in an attempt to let our government know that we do not want our choices away from us.  Banning flavoured e-liquid would effectively reduce the choices for Nova Scotia vapers to no flavour and menthol.

27 thoughts on “Nova Scotia proposes province wide e-cigarette legislation

  1. marlin lockard

    The government wants that tax money they are losing from tobacco smokers switching over to e-cigs…………pretty much and or they kind of in bed with tobacco companies.

    • Deb

      Thanks to E-Cig I am now tobacco Free and after 30 years of being a pk a day smoker that is a miracle!!!!!!!! thank you so much Vape

  2. John Miuse

    Let’s standup against an “out of control” and “too big” idiocratic government
    nuging us. If we don’t standup, they’ll pass legislation in all provinces; their final goal is surely to seize the eliquid and tax it.
    Did you notice that everything so called”illegal” is because it hasn’t been taxed yet ?? Example: Marihuana

    Please, People, UNITE, otherwise, you’ll lose another of your Rights.

    How can we let a handful of plutocrats do this to us, using the “Young people”
    pretext once more?? Can’t you see ??It’s always the same modus operanti with them over and over again in all aspects of our lives.They want CONTROL,


    Thanks for reading

  3. Ethna Gillespie

    If the gov’t is truly serious about eradicating smoking, why are both cigarette and e-cigarettes legal?? So much money generated for the gov’t coffers by cigarettes–gov’t won’t give that up. Hands off e-cigarettes!

  4. Linda Hoknes

    I happen to love my new e-cigarette…I believe that it is no more harmful
    than smoking the 2 packs of tobacco cigarettes that I was previously
    doing. Plus, my eyes don’t burn anymore from the second-hand smoke
    and the cough that I had has almost gone after 2 weeks on the e-cigarette.

  5. John vanBruinessen

    My doctor is elated that I have switched to e-cigarettes and is promoting the use of e-cigs to his patients that can’t quit smoking.

  6. Sean

    Boneheads! This province (N.S.) sux balls, we should all pack up and leave like many have done or are doing already, then they will not get any benefit of our spending $$ in this province. Leo Glavine needs to STFU


  7. Tina

    At a pack and a half or more per day for the past 34 years, I am proud to say that thanks to edits, I have been officially tobacco free for the past month. ( something I would never have believed possible since patches, gum, inhalers, sprays, and hypnotherapy had all failed my previous attempts to quit. And in fact, after very stressful failed attempts, only resulted in an increased tobacco use, and an eventual heart attack.)
    Don’t even try to convince me that ecigs are not the answer to the prayers of the hopeless.

  8. Carol Davidson

    I had smoked cigarettes for 54 years and had tried everything since 1969 to quit. Cold turkey, hypnosis, nicorette gum, the patch, and even acupuncture! etc. And NOTHING lasted for over 5 days. Depression ensued and I would smoke again. Because a new grandchild was to be born and I did not want to subject the baby to even the smell of cigarette smoke on myself or my clothing, I prayed for help to stop for good and told my son, the baby’s father, about this desire. He said “I have found something that wlll help” and he introduced me to the e cig. I have been smoke free since 2012! I have no desire for a tobacco cigarette, in fact the smell of them makes me I’ll. I am healthier than I have been in years. I will be grateful for the rest of my life to my son and the e cigarette for helping me stop smoking tobacco cigarettes.

  9. Mike kowalchuk

    Of course it’s about tax$,and yes the government is in bed with tobacco companies they always have been .Big money folks that’s what it is…..

  10. HeatherScott

    The government needs to learn to fear the voters, not the other way round! We need to STOP bill 60, never mind amend it. The bastards in Ottawa already tell us what kind of milk we can drink, what kind of wheat we can make our bread with and what kind of meat we eat. They also tell us what kind of air we breathe. The fact that they want to legislate any enjoyment we get out of breathing that air is just one more step towards total control. Why are there no “people controls” on the government? There are certainly an over abundance of government controls on the people.

  11. Joe Hickey

    The Government, depends on tax dollars and are continuously looking for ways to tax everything. They and the drug and tobacco industries have been looking for
    Years to find a health issue with e-cigs so that a health tax can be added to them, but are as yet unable to find it, or they would have already added the tax. The gov. Wants people to keep smoking. Number one, because the billions of dollars they collect from taxes and political contributions from the drug and tobacco companies. And second, because if people live longer, they have to pay out pensions longer. E-cigs are the biggest threat to the Government’s coffers of all time. Liot taxes, lab workers out of work, lost revenue from lung related drugs, hospital staff out of work, tobacco farm workers out of work, tobacco factory workers out of work, delivery of tobacco products out of work. Hundrads of thousands of jubs lost in related industries. I dont think the Government will change its position on e-cigs any time soon, just as I don’t believe they would allow a proven cure for cancer to be sold, for the same reasons.

  12. Belinda Wrobel

    I have smoked for more than 35 years, I now vape & have not had a cigarette since February 2014. we need to STOP BILL 60 !!! Has the Government checked what is in our food? just the other day I bought TROPICAL DRIED FRUIT BLEND WITH ALMONDS & guess what was in there….PROPYLENE GLYCOL…& is the government going to stop Musical Bands & Stage shows from using their “FOG MACHINES” cause guess what is in there…..PROPYLENE GLYCOL….STOP BILL 60!

  13. Bonnie Sparling

    I feel flavouring in e-cigs helps me to get away from the ususal tobacco flavor. I believe we should have the right to choose flavor in e-liquid.

  14. patty

    I’m another 50 something that is quitting smoking by moving to e cigs. I’ve tried everything else, this is the least harmful replacement (psychologically and medically). There is a ton of misinformation out there and much of it related to canabis and other drugs that use similar devices. As with everything, we need to do the research and educate ourselves.

  15. Christina Swetnam

    I recently asked a student in Grade 8 if she knew what e-cigarettes were. She got very upset and said her friends were using it as a way to smoke nicotine without getting caught. There is no-smell and they can smoke them anywhere and wear them tucked behind their ears. I say include them under the tobacco laws and protect our youth from the nicotine chemical they will become addicted to and most probably start smoking.

    • Christophe Lachance

      In reply to Mrs Swetnam’s comment, I would like to point out that eliquids are considerable safer, less costly and perhaps more importantly to the users in question, much tastier.

      I can’t think of any reason why someone would switch to smoking tobacco after having vaporized eliquids. It just makes no sense.

  16. Kathy White

    I’m all for stopping Bill 60. Where do I sign up? Is there another petition I can sign? How do we stop this bill from going through? Please let me know and keep me informed> I want to stand up to the Government!

  17. Peggy Bran

    Does anyone know of a country where you can live your life without government interference? If so please let me know so I can book a flight out of this madness! I have been cigarette free for 15 months and the health benefits have been remarkable yet level of government in this country is hell bent on controlling my choices based on fictional test reports and studies. Enough already with the over bearing oppression. I live on Vancouver Island where everything you do is controlled by some level of government who think they know what is best for me. Now for reality, politicians have no special talents, skills, training or education that makes them experts on anything. They are sheep following and believing the crap that special interest groups feed them. In the case of e-cigarettes they will regulate them so that the only ones available on the market are those produced by large tobacco companies. They will tax them like cigarettes growing the government income while at the same time providing big tobacco companies a guarantee of profits for many years to come. It is all about the money!!! I will seek out underground vendors before I’ll give the government five cents.

  18. Rhonda Duncanson

    My hubby and I both started using the e cig and have been tobacco free for over 2 weeks now, something I never thought possible – I have been a smoker for 40 years as was my hubby. We both feel better, both less coughing, both less wheezing. Figures the government and tobacco and the pharmaceutial companies would band together in protest, the bastards!! Long as we can keep getting the juice…..we will continue to use e cig!

  19. Marion

    some say If I can’t vape then I will likely go back to smoking which is just what the cigarette company’s want and I think the loss of taxes the government collects from cigs is also a factor don’t give in don’t let them kill you for money. There is no proof that second hand vapor is harmful as a matter of fact there is more compelling evidence to the contrary. If they want to make the world toxin free in the parts per billion level they have their work cut out for themselves and will have to give up a lot. so I guess they should ban things like ice cream or water as both can be harmful to your health and while they are at it lets ban some of the more hazardous ones like alcohol, canned tuna, gasoline, cars (not electric cars) Teflon, Gluten and breathing LOL. So control Nicotine yeah right they are spreading it on our food I a form of pesticide.

    So far anyone I have met who vapes is doing it to quit smoking or instead of smoking at all. Smoking looks and smells bad vape does not as a matter of fact some of them taste and smell lovely. No fire hazard I never heard of anyone dying from vaping in bed. No tar or carbon and all the other crap in cigs. I know kids try smoking it’s a fact of life and we can try to control that but so far nothing has stopped them except for ecigs as an option and the kids see it as cool most do not use the nicotine type having never smoked. This is not going to go away it is going to keep getting more and more popular and if it goes underground I guess I will be a closet user because I have no intention to go back to the smoke!

  20. T

    Lol what ridiculous legislation – you can sell lobsters who’s job is to clean the ocean-and really when it comes down to are far more carcinogenic then one cigarette let alone the Flouride in they tap water- but yet we are just suppose to sit back and be spectators be told what flavours we can Smoke? Lol
    Well I’m sure there are other deeply rooted reasons behind this conventional legislation- for obvious reasons go un mentioned – we would not want to start a class war –

  21. Telma Meleo

    Spot on with this write-up, I actually think this website requirements considerably more consideration. I’ll oftimes be once again to learn additional, thank you for that information.

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