Canada to Regulate E-Cigarettes; Recommendations from the Standing Committee on Health

This March the Standing Committee of Health produced a report outlining recommendations for the regulation of E-cigarettes based off of evidence collected from eight meetings with a total of thirty-three witnesses, including government officials, health officials, manufacturers, and users of the devices.  Overall  it looks hopeful, and potentially  good news for vapers in Canada.  You can read the full report here.

The Good:

  • Recommendation 1: That the Government of Canada financially supports research on the health effects of E-cigs (potential risks and benefits), and their impact on the uptake of nicotine products by youth and on other tobacco control efforts (renormalization and potential gateway effects).  We feel that this is good because currently the claims against e-cigarettes are not supported by evidence, and conducting research is more likely to dispel disparaging attitudes than create new ones.
  • Recommendation 2: That the Government of Canada works with all affected stakeholders to establish a new legislative framework for regulating electronic cigarettes.  This is awesome because it means that they will not be regulated as tobacco, or medical products (won’t be required to have a prescription to obtain a vape etc).
  • Recommendation 7: Establish standards relating to the safety of all components of electronic cigarettes, and also require manufacturers and importers of electronic cigarettes to disclose information relating to ingredients.   We feel  that it’s important for consumers to have full disclosure.
  • Recommendation 8:  Require electronic cigarette components be sold in child resistant packaging, and that all packaging clearly and accurately indicate the concentration of nicotine and contain appropriate safety warnings about the product.  This recommendation makes sense, and would certainly improve the safety of vaping.
  • Recommendation 9: Prohibit electronic cigarette manufacturers from making unproven health claims.    We couldn’t agree with this more!
  • Recommendation 10: Prohibit the sale of electronic cigarettes or other electronic nicotine delivery systems to person under the age of 18.  Most retailers are already enforcing this rule, ourselves included.

The Bad:

  • Recommendation 5: Electronic Cigarettes be required to be visually distinct from other tobacco products (ie not look like a cigarette, like our e-dart).   This recommendation is based off of the fear that vaping may re-normalize tobacco use, and as outlined in recommendation 1 there currently is not enough evidence to support the claim. 
  • Recommendation 6: Establish maximum levels of nicotine contained in electronic cigarette liquid or vapour.   This could pose unnecessary limitations on consumers , as the amount of nicotine considered to be safe in e-liquid is well over the amount currently found in even the highest concentrations available.

The Ugly:

  • Recommendation 11: Prohibit the use of electronic cigarettes and other electronic nicotine delivery systems in federally regulated public spaces.  This would prohibit vaping in bars, restaurants, and other places that may want to cater to vapers. 
  • Recommendation 12: Restrictions for advertising and promotional activities for these products.  This recommendation greatly imposes on businesses and consumers ability to connect with appropriate harm reduction devices. 
  • Recommendation 14: Prohibit the use of flavourings in electronic cigarette liquids that are specifically designed to appeal to youth, such as candy flavourings.  This recommendation comes from the baseless idea that youth, whom are mostly mimicking adult behaviors when they engage in smoking may be drawn to vaping because of candy flavours.  A large amount of vapers prefer sweet and fruity flavours, and this would pose unnecessary restrictions on them.


Overall the recommendations to regulate e-cigarettes are very reasonable, other than the few that lack supporting evidence to warrant their creation (in their current forms).  While some of the recommendations are not favourable  we feel positive that if The Canadian Government continues to work with all stakeholders and pays close attention to research coming forward in support of vaping we will have a world class regulatory system.

3 thoughts on “Canada to Regulate E-Cigarettes; Recommendations from the Standing Committee on Health

  1. Michael Howie

    So glad to see they aren’t over reacting on some of this. I was really afraid they would severely limit availability or add massive taxes (like the tobacco industry).

  2. Marion

    some say If I can’t vape then I will likely go back to smoking which is just what the cigarette company’s want and I think the loss of taxes the government collects from cigs is also a factor don’t give in don’t let them kill you for money. There is no proof that second hand vapor is harmful as a matter of fact there is more compelling evidence to the contrary. If they want to make the world toxin free in the parts per billion level they have their work cut out for themselves and will have to give up a lot. so I guess they should ban things like ice cream or water as both can be harmful to your health and while they are at it lets ban some of the more hazardous ones like alcohol, canned tuna, gasoline, cars (not electric cars) Teflon, Gluten and breathing LOL. So control Nicotine yeah right they are spreading it on our food I a form of pesticide.

    So far anyone I have met who vapes is doing it to quit smoking or instead of smoking at all. Smoking looks and smells bad vape does not as a matter of fact some of them taste and smell lovely. No fire hazard I never heard of anyone dying from vaping in bed. No tar or carbon and all the other crap in cigs. I know kids try smoking it’s a fact of life and we can try to control that but so far nothing has stopped them except for ecigs as an option and the kids see it as cool most do not use the nicotine type having never smoked. This is not going to go away it is going to keep getting more and more popular and if it goes underground I guess I will be a closet user because I have no intention to go back to the smoke!

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